Sony CRX160E/A1 12x8x32 Internal EIDE CD-RW Drive

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Sony CRX160E/A1 12x8x32 Internal EIDE CD-RW Drive Description

Product description SONY 12X/8X/32X IDE INT CD-RW DRIVE Sony’s Spressa CRX160E/A2 32x12x8 internal IDE CD-RW drive stores up to 650 MB of critical data quickly and safely on CD-R and CD-RW media. Working at speeds up to 32x read, 12x write, and 8x rewrite, the drive has quick disc-access times of 150 milliseconds and data transfer rates up to 4,800 Kbps. Utilizing a 4 MB buffer, the drive is capable of disc-at-once, track-at-once, multisession, and packet writing methods. The drive uses an enhanced IDE (ATAPI) interface and is compatible only with PCs. It comes with Sony’s CD Extreme software for recording audio CDs, data CD-ROMs, and CD-to-CD copies. Also included is Sony’s abCD software for formatting a CD-RW disc for use like a floppy, letting you ‘drag and drop’ files and folders from the drive letter icon to the CD for storage. To erase files and folders, just drag their icons from the CD-RW to the Recycle Bin. The Sony CRX160E/A1 32x12x8 internal drive comes with a one-year warranty.

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