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All ways are the consumer's ways. They won't settle for anything less, and they certainly won't accept excuses.

Companies are aware of this. Those who wish not only to survive, but also to leap ahead of their competition are now embracing the concept of the omnichannel approach. However, merely embracing such a concept is far less rewarding than actually implementing it.

In this era of surprisingly swift and powerful technological advances, 58% of the panelists surveyed for a June 2013 Winterberry Group white paper still claimed that a lack of adequate technology is hindering efforts to deliver a consistent experience across all marketing and communication channels.

This is no longer a reason. It’s an excuse. The technology in fact exists, and a powerful solution that harnesses this technology is now available for implementation.

Enhancing the online customer experience with secure personalized real-time engagement anytime, anywhere, and on any device has a potent impact on a company’s omnichannel strategy.

To integrate online media formats into offline channels for a seamless customer experience, companies need to make their customers feel as comfortable completing transactions on their web sites as they do at brick-and-mortar locations. And these new media formats don’t need to be limited to the web alone, they can also be made available to customers at offline points of contact, such as offices, branches, dealerships, or the workplace.

Three components of online customer engagement essential to a successful omnichannel strategy are video, real-time collaboration, and electronic signature.

Web-based video communication technology enables customers to meet directly with agents and specialists from the comfort of their homes. They can also connect to remote experts while at a location (e.g. branch, office, dealership) with minimal staff equipped with tablets. This enables the company to keep the customer engaged within the brand experience. Quality, reliability, scalability, and security all need to be at a high level. The customer should not have to download or install any applications or plugins – clicking on a link to initiate a video meeting is commitment enough to today’s consumer. The less steps they need to take in order to connect with an expert, the better, and more seamless, the experience.

Consumers invest a lot of time researching products and services online, especially when they’re about to acquire a life-impacting product or service (e.g. mortgage, car, legal services, insurance). Instant face-to-face engagement with customers during this stage can boost conversion rates quickly and cost effectively. While experts share content to provide guidance and additional information they can also work with customers to fill in forms.

The online funnel for verticals such as banking, legal services, car sales, and insurance currently end at the application stage, disrupting the omnichannel customer experience. A secure, user-friendly electronic signature process keeps the customer engaged in a consistent manner. It also offers greater peace of mind to both businesses and customers, as it is more secure and eliminates paperwork errors and “write-backs” caused by missing information or signatures on paper forms.

A holistic, consumer-centric approach to the customer experience ensures a wealth of benefits for businesses. These include improved conversion rates, reduced costs, market footprint expansion, enhanced customer satisfaction and advocacy, and accelerated business processes. In most verticals, the most important gain is greater lifetime value per customer – consumers who have great and consistent experiences with businesses are likely to be more loyal, and more willing to spend more money, more frequently.

A lack of appropriate technology is no excuse for avoiding an omnichannel approach. Companies have access to a secure, cost-effective online tool that delivers exactly what they require, and precisely what their customers demand.

eFace2Face is the only browser-based customer engagement solution that includes all three features that businesses require to integrate their web presence seamlessly and securely into a strong omnichannel strategy. To learn more, arrange an online face-to-face meeting with company CEO Dave Patten.