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The following is the introduction to eFace2Face’s first white paper, Engage & Enchant: Financial Institutions Benefit by Personalizing the Online Customer Experience. The paper informs financial institutions on the benefits of real-time web-based communication and collaboration with consumers.

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Technology has put incredible power into the hands of consumers. Computers, mobile devices, and a vast array of software applications are giving them unprecedented control over their time.

When managing their finances, consumers cherish the convenience of Internet and mobile banking. However, they require a personal touch for high-value services and products such as wealth management and mortgages. Until recently, this meant consumers were obliged to sacrifice some control over their schedules in order to meet with bankers, experts, agents, and advisors.

Financial institutions (FI) can now employ technology that ensures the entire customer experience is both convenient and personal.

WebRTC is a highly secure, cost-effective technology that enables FIs to communicate and collaborate with customers live, across several platforms. Experts and customers can meet face-to-face via browser-based connections that boast high-definition video and crystal clear audio. During their calls, participants can share and modify content together in real time, and invite others to join without suffering a drop in connection quality.

This is an exciting time for both FIs and consumers. The former have the tools to boost revenues, cut costs, and enchant customers; the latter have browser-based on-demand access to branch bankers and remote experts whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they choose.

eFace2Face enriches this experience by enabling FIs to connect customers with the experts they need based on location and area of expertise. Customers can also complete transactions with eFace2Face’s secure electronic signature process.

eFace2Face provides financial institutions with a secure, cost-effective online customer engagement solution.Meet company CEO Dave Patten face-to-face to learn more.