Receiving appreciation for hard work is always nice, especially when that appreciation comes from highly-respected experts and companies in your field. Coming away from this year’s Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHack) in Madrid with a prize from Huawei was especially sweet.

TADHack is a two-day international gathering of telecom application developers who present innovative apps based on the latest telecommunications technologies. eFace2Face CTO Sergio Garcia Murillo took the stage to present our browser-based real-time online communication and collaboration solution to an enthusiastic crowd of peers and potential partners.

TADHack2014 Madrid Pitch

TADHack2014 Madrid Pitch - Sergio Garcia Murillo: eFace2Face Banking.

Mac Taylor and Sergio García

Mac Taylor (Chief Consultant, Digital Services, Huawei) and eFace2Face CTO Sergio Garcia Murillo[/caption]

When asked about Huawei’s decision to award eFace2Face with 1,000 USD, Mac Taylor, Chief Consultant for Digital Services, Huawei, said, “We were looking for digital services that leverage real-time communication capabilities, deliver genuine online customer engagement, and are not limited to the domain of communication services. The future scope of the service also impressed us; eFace2Face truly met all our criteria. We’re pleased to declare eFace2Face as the proud winner of one of the Huawei Prizes at this year’s TADHack, and we’re very interested in working closely with them soon.”

Mac Taylor, Sushil Rathee, Sergio García and Yuguangyang

From left to right: Mac Taylor (Chief Consultant, Digital Services, Huawei), Sushil Rathee (Marketing Manager Digital Services, Huawei), Sergio Garcia Murillo (CTO, eFace2Face), Yuguangyang (Director of Digital Service Business Solutions, Huawei)[/caption]

Event organizer Alan Quayle also took note of eFace2Face, stating, “eFace2Face’s involvement in TADHack places a significant focus on enterprise applications, inspiring TADHackers to use the sponsors' technologies to innovate in areas such as customer relationship management, customer engagement, and communication-enabled business processes.”

“eFace2Face has shown TADHack developers that the cutting-edge technologies the sponsors provided in Telecom APIs, such as WebRTC, can be used effectively as disruptors to revolutionize, and humanize, web-based customer engagement,” said Jean Deruelle, co-founder of sponsor TeleStax, adding, “eFace2Face’s solution, which enables consumers to connect with businesses instantly through secure video calling to boost online revenues, has won the heart of the TAD ecosystem and won a well-deserved award.”

We’re very proud of our development team and all the hard work they’ve done to push eFace2Face forward, delivering a superior online customer experience across a variety of verticals. As encouraging as the Huawei TADHack award is, our real motivation comes from our desire to improve more than just bottom lines – we’re proud to bring a human touch to the convenience of online transactions, and to enable businesses to give consumers, and themselves, more time.