Trust + Convenience = Loyalty

eFace2FaceTM is the one-stop video communication and sales platform that integrates into your existing infrastructure to immediately increase revenue and productivity while lowering your expenses.

  • Over 19 years of R&D

    A mature product built on cutting-edge technology

  • Experts in communication and online technologies

    We've been on the front lines with prominent national and global companies

  • Experts in business and customer satisfaction

    We understand how the customer experience directly affects profit and loss

  • On the pulse of new technology

    We're committed to delivering the very best end-user experience

It happens in the blink of an eye. How someone dresses, the gestures they make, how they make eye contact, how often they smile. You feel their sincerity and suddenly, you trust them.

That's why so many working professionals insist on face-to-face meetings. They know that customers need to have confidence to trust them with their hard-earned money.

But face-to-face meetings are not always possible; they may not be convenient for customers and they take precious time that may not be available. Today's customers want solutions that fit their busy lifestyles, with people they can trust.

eFace2FaceTM is a one-and-done solution that uses video communications to establish trust and allows companies to take customers by the hand and walk them through the sales process, sharing images and documents in real-time and complete the interaction with an auditable eSign ceremony during the video call.

Customers appreciate seeing and feeling the connection to a living, breathing person on demand. Experience eFace2FaceTM and find out how much more that appreciation means to your bottom line.

profile photo - Dave Patten

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Founder & CEO

Dave has spent over 25 years in the mortgage business, holding executive positions for much of that time. He also founded three mortgage companies and a technology company, served as president of a Flagstar Bank subsidiary, and gained extensive experience in operations and product development in technology environments.

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profile photo - Carl W. Treleaven

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Chief Financial Officer

Carl spent 18 years as Chairman, CEO, and owner of an international specialty print packaging company. After selling the business, he became involved with a variety of seed and development stage enterprises, focusing on information technology, and had successful exits from several of those businesses.

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profile photo - Sergio Garcia Murillo

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Chief Technical Officer

In addition to having 10 years of telco experience under his belt, Sergio has been the senior solution architect and lead developer of several open source projects. He has proven expertise in SIP, IMS, VoIP, and video communications, including WebRTC and streaming technologies.

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profile photo - Carmen Carrion


Senior Software Engineer

Carmen brings a wealth of software development knowledge to the eFace2Face team. Since 2005 she has held developer and analyst positions in major companies and institutions including INECO, Dominion T.I., and SITESA.

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profile photo - Javier Garcia Sanchez


Senior Software Engineer

A software architect specializing in new information technologies and Internet applications, Javier is dedicated to helping eFace2Face maintain high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. The know-how he brings to the team comes from positions held at Telefonica and Nexteleng.

profile photo - Inaki Baz Castillo


Senior Software Engineer

Iñaki is a Real-Time Communications enthusiast with large expertise in VoIP, WebRTC, Node.js and Web development. Iñaki is the main author of RFC 7118, “The WebSocket Protocol as a Transport for SIP”, and leads and contributes to well known Open Source projects such as mediasoup, JsSIP and OverSIP.

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profile photo - Carlos Alcalde


UI/UX Designer

Carlos is a visual and UI/UX design professional with a strong technical background and over 15 years of experience in the digital world. He's passionate about design and new technologies, and committed to delivering superior user experiences.

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profile photo - Lidia Pescuezo


UI/UX Designer and Frontend Developer

Lidia brings over 9 years of front-end development and UI/UX expertise. Her experience at major telecommunications companies, plus her keen eye for detail and high standards of excellence, make her a valuable addition to our growing team.

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profile photo - Vladimir Ralev


Senior Software Engineer

Vladimir has extensive experience helping telecommunication companies build scalable production VoIP servers. He spent five years working as a core software engineer at Red Hat and JBoss, where his projects included Mobicents, JBCP, and EAP. Vladimir is a key contributor to numerous Java open-source telco projects and has several patents on scalable telco systems.

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profile photo - Elisa Llamido



Elisa has been writing and consulting for fifteen years across various industries, creating everything from press releases, blogs and video scripts to user manuals and business plans. In addition to crafting the written word, she also produces and directs direct-release video and corporate industrials.

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