eFace2Face connects you with your customers, regardless of the size of your business.

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We offer three different solutions to fit your needs. If your business has three or fewer employees, our Free plan may be right for you. Larger businesses can take advantage of our free, 60-day trial to test drive our Premium or Enterprise plans.

Click the button below the plan that best fits your needs to get started. You can cancel any plan in the first 60 days, with no obligation.

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Good for small businesses that offer goods or services in one category.


Best for moderately-sized businesses with up to 50 employees.


The right choice with ultimate flexibility for large businesses.

Features Free Premium Enterprise
Unified Communications
Show Presence/Availability
Audio/Video Up to 3 agents Up to 50 agents Unlimited
Communication Between Agents
PSTN Break Out
PBX Integration
Videoconference Up to 4 participants
Conference Scheduling
External Participants
PSTN Participants
Instant Messaging Between Agents
File Transfer
Group Chat
Publish Agent Presence On Web
Direct Calls
Services and Queues 1 queue
Geopgraphical Routing
Call Me Back
PSTN Break In
Customization & Branding
Branding of Client Widget
Kiosk APP
Customized Android/iOS APP
Third-Party Integrations