Boost productivity and efficiency with
video calling, content sharing, and
electronic signature

High-quality video and audio

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A webcam and a high-speed connection are all your agents need for superior web-based live video chat, collaboration, and e-sign.

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and service activities. High-definition video calling ensures delivery of a superior online customer experience that surpasses expectations.

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  • Crystal clear echo-free sound

    Voice-activated display keeps the focus on one speaker

  • Works with all webcams, mics, and mobile devices

    Cost-effective for you and your customers

  • Superb quality using high-speed Internet

    Provide superior customer service directly from your website

  • Live chat when audio or video unavailable

    Sell to customers without webcams or mics

e-Sign & document sharing

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Accelerate business processes with eFace2Face’s dynamic electronic signature feature.

 image document sharing

All signatories can sign any digital agreement sequentially, whether on the same call, different calls, or via email

Above-standard security, including identity verification, ensures safety and full compliance with industry regulations.

  • Safe archiving for up to ten years

    Zero risk of losing crucial documents

  • Automatic email delivery of signed documents

    Help customers keep records of their important papers

  • Zero out-of-order documents

    Eliminate excessive paper-related costs

  • Multiple parties can sign sequentially

    Eliminate scheduling complications and close more deals

Maximize the productivity of your video meetings with real-time document sharing

Agents can easily and securely share any content and enable customers to complete and electronically sign documents.

illustrator document sharing
  • Transfer mouse and keyboard control

    Customers can complete and sign documents swiftly and securely

  • Instant business-quality image

    Customers see an exact copy of shared content immediately.

  • Group collaboration.

    Increase the productivity of video meetings of up to 50 people

  • Ultimate security

    Sharing sessions remain private between agent and customer

Works everywhere

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Extend your online footprint across the world's most popular platforms and browsers, allowing your customers to easily connect to your agents. eFace2Face supports:

image platform and browsers
image multiplatform
  • Support for the most popular browsers *

    Your customers can connect to you instantly from your website

  • An instant direct connection

    At home, in the office, or on the road, eFace2Face works everywhere

  • Be where your customers want you to be

    Boost customer loyalty simply by providing extra convenience

  • Future-proof your brand

    eFace2Face is evolving together with the platforms it supports

* Customers using Internet Explorer (v. 11+) or Safari require a small plugin. Upon receiving permission, eFace2Face automatically installs this plugin.

Location-based call routing

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ZIP-based routing automatically connects customers to live agents according to agent location.

  • Provide local services and sales

    Reinforce customer trust and loyalty

  • Agent availability status

    Keep customers engaged on your site

  • Intelligent routing within your enterprise

    Eliminate complicated IVR systems

  • Invite others to join your call

    Multiparty video calling, sharing, and e-sign